Rock ‘N’ Ribs is hosted at the beautiful Minnehah Bay Marina on the shores of the Sturgeon River – 300 King Street, Sturgeon Falls, ON.

Rock N Ribs - Minnehaha Bay, Sturgeon Falls

And when I get there?

Rock 'N' Ribs Festival Grounds Map

Rock ‘N’ Ribs Festival Grounds Map


Where Can I Park?

There is free road side parking throughout the immediate area surrounding Minnehaha Bay. You may have to walk a few short blocks to the venue.


Up until when are wristbands available?

Wristbands are available until they are sold out. We only have 5,000 wristbands for sale so once we sell out, that’s it!

You might be thinking “Maybe I’ll wait until a day or two before – see if the weather’s good and make sure my plans don’t change?”

Big mistake!

For one, last year we had a little over 3,400 people attend – which was great but…our site license, based on square footage and usable area, only allows for 5,000 attendees and it’s impractical to keep a running head count of how many people we have on site so, we are capping off at 5,000 wristbands. Those of you, who last year, may have just decided to pop in last minute – you may very well be out of luck this year.

If you get to the gate and we’re sold out, unfortunately, we can’t let you in!

Secondly, wristbands cost $5 in advance but, if there are ANY left, they will be $10 at the gate!


Refund Policy

Sorry folks! The show goes on regardless of weather or other extenuating factors. No refunds.


Bicycles, skateboards, roller blades, skates, skis, etc…

Naturally, mobility aids are welcome but if you are cruising around in a shopping cart or any of the above…you can’t bring it down!


Coolers, bags, chairs, drugs, smoking, weapons, bottles…

Coolers = no!
Bags = will be checked at the gate!
Chairs = folding chairs are ok but we aren’t responsible if they are lost, stolen or damaged. Ok?
Drugs = hmmm, no!
Weapons = you’re kidding, right? Again, you will be checked at the gate!
Bottles = bottles, cups, travel mugs, etc must be empty.
Smoking = you can’t smoke at the festival. It’s a public venue AND all of it is licensed. You can smoke outside the festival fenced areas BUT we can’t let you take your alcoholic beverage with you. Don’t hate us! We don’t make the rules – the Government does! Visit for more information.



We love pooches and kitties as much as you do but, unfortunately, they can’t come! Health, security, comfort, space – the list of reasons goes on and on!

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